I remember getting such enjoyment as a child creasing construction paper in half, cutting out hearts of different colors and sizes, gluing and arranging them to doilies and giving them to the ones I loved.

I am a lover of all things handmade, Valentine’s cards are no exception. I do enjoy the convenience of the store-bought variety and even purchased a big box of Spiderman Valentines for my son to hand out in preschool this year. However, the simple art of hand-making a Valentine is a skill I learned at an early age, and one I want to share with my daughter.


My daughter and I created these cute and simple fox valentines. I found the tutorial here, which includes a downloadable template for the fox tail and ears. I made my own heart templates out of white card stock. After a lot of cutting and gluing our foxes were complete, minus the face. We glued tiny black pom-poms for the eyes and nose with hot glue and drew on a cute little mouth.

On the other side, I glued another white heart and hand printed “Happy Valentine’s Day.” My daughter carefully printed her classmate’s names on each, and for an added treat, we taped on an Airhead taffy.

Voila! A happy, homemade Valentine fox.



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