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My daughter had her heart set on a pair of pink Converse High Tops. We found these lovely aqua ones on sale and couldn’t pass them up. She likes the color a lot, but I still wanted to ‘girly’ them up. They were the perfect ‘canvas’ for some embellishment. What says little girl like a heart and rainbow?!



This is a fun craft to do with your kids.

We used:

– Pom Poms

– googily eyes

– foam sheets cut into heart shapes or small foam hearts

– pipe cleaners

– glue & scissors

Let your kids create their own fun little love bug creations. My kids were impatient waiting for the Elmers to secure their antennas, so I pulled out the glue gun and made short work of the job.

 our love bug family


Valentine cookie pops are a fun treat for kids and grownups alike!
These are very easy to make….
1. find your favorite sugar cookie recipe. I used a packaged mix.
2. Roll out chilled cookie dough. Works best if you make the cookies thick enough to put the stick in the center.
3. Use your favorite cookie cutter
4. Gently push the lollipop stick evenly in through the center. You want to push it in far enough so the cookie is secure.
5. Place cookies on parchment paper lined baking sheet and bake according to directions.
6. Let cool, decorate, enjoy!

This sugar cookie icing is my absolute favorite. It dries hard and shiny. I always end up adding a little bit more of this or that to get it to the right consistency. You want the icing to be pourable but not too runny. Squeeze tubes, which can be easily found and are inexpensive, make the icing so easy to apply. I highly recommend picking some up!


little TREE

salt dough ornnament3

S  A  L  T  *  D  O  U  G  H  * O  R  N  A  M  E  N  T  S

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1 cup salt
  • 1 cup water


– Preheat oven to 200 degrees

– Mix ingredients

– Roll out to 1/4″ thickness

– Cut out shapes with cookie cutters

– Use bamboo skewer to make hole in top

– Bake for 6 hours

– Stamp, paint,or glitterize

– Tie with clear fishing wire

– Hang on tree


{I used Martha Stewart Crafts multi-surface GLITTER acrylic paints ~Michaels}

CITY that rocks with GIRLS who rock.

Market Garden Brewery and Distillery

Our 10th Anniversary all-girls getaway was in Cleveland this year. It was a wonderful weekend filled with lots of girl-time with my favorites – my Mom, 2 Aunts, 2 Cousins, SIL, and my Daughter.


Table for 8

West Side Market

West Side Market

We explored the city together


Inside the market


pigs at every corner

This wasn’t my first time to the Market, so I knew what I wanted. I sipped on an iced chai while I shopped and went home with a red velvet cupcake (me), chocolate cupcake (daughter), beef jerky (the best!), 2 large pomegranates, and some raspberries.

drinks in hand

drinks in hand

Mad's favorite things

Mad’s favorite things

Every year we all bring our ‘favorite things’ to share with each other. The items can be handmade or store bought. My daughter hand drew her favorite ladies onto cardstock with a Sharpie, then mod-podged them to art canvas.

a few more favorite things …


Plethora of high-end makeup, serums, and anti-aging creams for the taking

cute socks and chocolates

cute jogging socks and chocolates

hand embossed mugs (with inside joke)

hand embossed mugs

My favorite things


My favorite flower is the poppy, so I made everyone felt poppy pins. I used bright red felt with a simple black button sewn in the center.


We shopped Cleveland handmade and vintage stores


pink tree!

da kid in da candy store

kid in da candy store

I treated my daughter to the candies of her choice.

Cleveland + November = cold and windy

We huddled together from the wind while waiting to cross the street to more shops.

IMG_8961We had a formal dinner at Taza, a Lebanese restaurant near our hotel.

Lebanese food - bread, tabouli, and cilantro potatoes

warm bread, tabouli, cilantro potatoes, and an olive

Sweet Moses Soda Fountain and Treat ShopThe shop is named after Moses Cleveland, the founder of Cleveland

Sweet Moses Soda Fountain and Treat Shop
The shop is named after Moses Cleveland, the founder of Cleveland

Every year, we stop for ice cream sundaes in honor of my Grandma Lou. She was an amazing lady, and she loved her hot fudge sundaes.

The Mount Caramel

The Mount Caramel

This behemoth consists of vanilla ice cream, salted pistachios (I went with pretzels), homemade {delish} caramel sauce, whipped cream, sprinkles, and a cherry. *perfect*



Gordon Square Neighborhood

The City preparing for Winterfest Tree lighting on Public Square

The City preparing for Winterfest Tree lighting on Public Square – yes, it was snowing!

View of Public Square from our hotel window

It was another amazing trip with my fellow femmes. Mad and I look forward to next year.

destination suggestions?